Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has come and gone and I'm just now getting around to posting pictures.  Things have been a little crazy busy around here with the usual family, work, school stuff but it's a good kind of busy.

I had so much fun doing homemade Valentine's last year that I decided to do them again this year.  Stryder's were the Star Wars ones and we just printed them from a site I found.  Soren's were the Koolaid drink packs with a little printed note taped on.  Shelby's were the most time intensive but I loved them.  I braided 19 friendship bracelets in a couple hours and we attached them to the little printed card.  Super cute and fun all around.

On Valentine's, it was also Moms and Muffins day at the kids' school.  This is an early morning picture of us before we headed out.  I also got to help out at both Shelby's and Soren's parties.  Ben and I didn't really do anything but luckily Saturday after dealing with a broken washing machine and a bad back, we got to spend a couple hours alone at home while my sister took the kids to play (thanks Katie).

This past weekend was also the second half of the Young Women's Book of Mormon sleepover.  I am so incredibly grateful that I got to be a part of it.  It was pretty amazing and such a huge testimony builder.  Not something I'll be forgetting anytime soon.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Going Good

I would be really mad with myself if I didn't write down something about this past week.  Ben and I decided that we needed to start our days with breakfast and a prayer together as a family.  This meant getting up earlier which in turn meant going to bed earlier.  But I am happy to report that we survived the first week, even made waffles Friday morning, and we are better because of it.  I've noticed a change in myself and in the kids and for that I am grateful.  Things seemed to fall into place and work out better this past week.  I'm feeling hopeful and that is a good thing for me right now.

Luckily we had such a good week, because it took some of the sting out of our Super Bowl loss on Sunday. I love football and I'm proud to say it.  I watched so many games this season and win, lose, or tie, I'll be a Niner fan til I die!  They gave us another great season and I'm bummed they didn't finish their "Quest for 6" but this team is something special and I can see it happening soon.  We had a great party with family, all of us cheering for San Fran and really isn't that what it's all about, eating super yummy food, laughing at commercials and cheering on your team.  Thanks for a great year Niners!

All of us dressed for the big game.  You can't see Soren's pants but he wore his Niner pajama pants he got for Christmas a couple years ago.  Stryder representing Frank Gore, Ben in Alex Smith, and my vintage Jerry Rice jersey.  It was a good day!

The 49er's were well represented.  Thanks Katie and Jesse for another fun night.