Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blue and Gold and Derby

I love Cub Scouts!  I love what it teaches and helps my boy with.  Earlier this month, was the annual Blue and Gold dinner celebrating the birthday of Cub Scouts.  This year our ward combined the dinner with the pinewood derby and it was such a fun night. 

Ben cut it down to the shape he wanted and did some initial sanding and then Stryder sanded the rest.  He also helped paint it.  He was super proud of his car this year.

He came in 3rd 3 times and 2nd once, a much better performance than the past years.  His car didn't make it into to the finals but he won for most colorful and I think he had a really fun time.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What's We've Been Up To

We've been keeping busy around here.  It seems like school is what keeps us the busiest.  Back at the end of February, Shelby has her 2nd grade Patriotic Program.  She was Kentucky and now joins the ranks of those able to sing the 50 states song.  She is such a smart girl and doing really well with school.  I love helping in her class and both of us will be super sad when she moves on to 3rd grade.

Then last week was Nevada Reading Week.  It's a favorite in our house.  I love getting the kids dressed up and they love that Friday they get to wear pajamas.  This year had some pretty simple days which makes it easier on this mom trying to get three kids dressed up.  We had crazy sock day, and backwards day, and word shirt day (they had to wear a shirt with good words on it), and of course Dr. Seuss day.  Stryder went as the Lorax and Shelby is a Sneetch.  Soren didn't dress up for Dr. Seuss day because it was the kindergarten field day and I didn't get any pictures of that because I was too busy doing the parachute :)
I missed taking pictures of them in their pjs because we had family in town and again, super busy.  We had a great weekend with Ben's family and did an early Easter Egg Hunt with all the kids and just all hung out and laughed and visited.  We can't wait til our trip north in April.  It doesn't look like the busy-ness is stopping any time soon.