Friday, May 17, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Last week I had to let go.  I had to step back and watch my boy grow up just a little bit more.  The fourth grade classes were given the chance to go on a day trip to Carson City.  When we first heard about it, Stryder was super excited at the thought of going on a plane (which is a big deal since he once told me is wasn't going on a mission because he was afraid of heights and refused to fly in a plane).  With the help of my mom and dad, we paid for the trip and got him all ready to go.  He was counting down the days the whole week before.  We were at the airport by 4:00 am meeting the group by 4:30.  I was so worried about getting to the airport and finding the group that I gave us plenty of time and luckily it was pretty easy.

Of course we rode on the moving sidewalk.  We found his teacher and stood around and waited for everyone else to arrive.  I was starting to get really nervous about him leaving on a plane without me and spending a whole day away.  It was about then that his friend Zach and his sister Brittney showed up.  Brittney was Stryder's group leader.  She's a young gal in college I think, that helps a ton in their class.  She had her cell phone and immediately text me her number and promised to text throughout the day.  Oh what a relief that was!  Then another mom from our ward that was going on the trip showed up and promised to text me too.  I was so extremely grateful to these ladies throughout the day as I received these pictures.

On a plane for the first time headed to Reno.  This was his group the whole trip.  They were so lucky to have so many parents volunteer that it was one on three.  Once they arrived in Reno, they loaded up into buses and headed for Virginia City.  Their next stop was a mine tour which Stryder said was cool but creepy.  Then they rode on a train.

This is a picture of the souvenir he bought.  He wanted to show us how he wasn't wasting his money.  He's a funny kid.  They walked around this town learning about it's history.

 This is from the Fourth Ward School which is 137 years old.

Then they rode buses to Carson City for tours at the state museum and state capitol.  They each received a coin with the Governor's face on it and had a fun time seeing where he works.

This was at the end of his very fun long day.  He got a window seat on the plane on the way home.  He said it was a bit bumpy but he loved everything about it.  He didn't stop talking the whole way home.  I'm so glad he had a great  time and very grateful for this growing experience, even if it was a little rough on this momma.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Neighborhood and School

I love our little corner of Henderson.  My family has lived here for about 21 years, in an area I have always known as Section 27, known as the horse streets, to many others.  Other than our 1 year in a condo and our 1 year in Salt Lake, I have lived in Section 27 since I was 9.  I kind of really love it.  I was walking Soren to school a month or so ago and just fell in love all over again with this little community.  

Cactus can actually be pretty especially when it blooms these gorgeous flowers.  The desert can really surprise you with it's beauty if you take the time to really look for it.

River Mountain Park is simply stunning and it's so nice to see the seasons change on the lush mature trees here.

I love love the kids school.  I always joke about "Once a Wolf, Always a Wolf" from our high school and while that is definitely true, I also think "Once a Diamondback, Always a Diamondback".  I'm going to be spending a lot more time there next year as I train to become the new PTA president.

Speaking of school, the kids had their Field Day back in April.  They should move it to March because April is already getting so hot and the kids were lathered in sunscreen and wore hats.  Good thing they love the water games and have fun regardless of the temperature.

Dooley also recently held their Academic and Art Extravaganza!  Each kid had a picture they drew up on the walls near their classrooms.  We were glancing by them when we noticed that Shelby's had a green sticker.  The green sticker means she won Best of Show (there were only 2 in the whole second grade that we saw).  Didn't I just mention she was super talented?!  

Finally, last week was Teacher Appreciation Week.  I love this week.  I'm not a teacher but I love being able to show my deep and great appreciation to the wonderful teachers at Dooley.  This was my 4th year decorating doors.  I seriously love it!  From left to right: Ms Jappe, Ms Rehm, Ms Greenough, Library, and Ms Carlson (which I didn't do and can't take credit it for but I loved it so much that I had to take a picture of it).  I also helped bring in food for the teacher luncheons a couple days and of course did a handmade gift for each of the kids' teachers.  I seriously love the teachers and administration and I'm really looking forward to working with them more over the next couple years.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

She's So Talented!

Last week, Shelby sang in the school talent show.  She sang the song "When will my life begin?" from Tangled.  I was so proud of her getting up there and performing.  They had a performance during the day at the school for all the kids and then later that night she performed again in Basic's theater for all the parents.  She was so nervous and it showed a little as her timing was off but she said it was hard to hear up on the stage.  We still think she did an amazing job and love that she is willing to show off this beautiful talent at such a young age.  It gave me a glimpse into the future and I know this will not be the last time she graces a big stage.

Shelby also has been tested and accepted into the G.A.T.E. program for the rest of elementary school.  I am constantly blown away by this girl and so proud of all she's accomplished this year.