Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A June Wrap Up

June was a very busy month for us. Here's a random post full of pictures from what we did. Stryder needed to go on a hike in order to complete his Arrow of Light badge, so we looked up hikes close by and found one in Sandy. It was pretty easy, just a little steep in places, that lead to a waterfall. It was gorgeous.
I always make Ben take selfies with me to prove that I was there too. Plus I want our kids to have a bunch of pictures of us together.

Shelby has seemed to all of a sudden grown even taller, if that's possible, and has become an awkward gangly thing. Ben was so sweet to help her cross the rocks so she could touch the moss on the other side.

The weekend after Stryder's birthday, Rachel and CD were in town and they decided that they were feeling brave enough to take Stryder and Carter with them for a week back up to Idaho. Things all just fell in to place and it seemed like the perfect time for these boys to make some seriously awesome memories with their aunt and uncle. So we said good-bye for a week. Soren took it really hard and wouldn't let go. He missed that brother something fierce. Shoot, I missed that boy something fierce. But I was so glad he got the chance to go.

They had an awesome time visiting the sights around Hailey, Idaho. The only bummer was Stryder getting the stomach flu one night. Luckily it was pretty mild and he was well taken care of. He came home telling us all about the elk they saw, the cool bridge, the awesome park, and all the xbox he got to play. I'd say it was a pretty successful trip.

Towards the end of the month, we went to a pack meeting where Stryder earned his Arrow of Light badge. It was a pretty cool ceremony and I was so proud of him standing up there reciting the boy scout motto and crossing the bridge into boy scouts. He's excited to start this next chapter in his scouting career and he's got a little brother who can't wait to start his after seeing his big brother do such cool things.

And finally, we wrapped up June with an amazing event. Ben's sister Jana went through the temple for the first time, taking out her endowments. It marked the first time in 17 years that Ben's entire family were in the temple together. It was pretty special to witness and be a part of. It made me really grateful that families are forever and it gave a small glimpse of what heaven may be like, crazy but oh so beautiful all together.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


The week after we came home from Vegas, Stryder had a birthday. He turned eleven! Stryder is turning into a such an incredible young man. He has grown and changed so much over the last few months. I kind of really love this kid!

Eleven things about Stryder:
1. Favorite Movie- Bridge to Terabithia
2. Favorite TV Show- Phinneus and Ferb
3. Favorite Food- Pizza
4. Favorite Dessert- Apple Snicker Salad
5. Favorite Color- Orange and Blue
6. Favorite Thing to Do- Gaming
7. Favorite Game- Assassins Creed
8. Favorite Resturant- Maddox
9. Favorite Animal- Bengal Tiger
10. Favorite Toy- Legos
11. Favorite Subject- History

Our Trip to Vegas

My kids technically missed the very last half day of school because we headed for Vegas. At the kids' old elementary school, they put on a 5th grade Sock Hop. I went to the Sock Hop 20 years ago! Stryder was so excited to see his friends again and everyone was so excited to see him too. In fact all of my kids got to see their old classes and hang out with their friends for a couple hours. It was a really good day for them.

I was so excited to spend several days with my family. I didn't think however, that my little brother would grow taller than me in the 2 months I had been living in Utah.

Luckily, this trip was perfect timing for lots of events, like blessing this little beauty. It was so fun to hang out with my sisters and their kids.

And we managed to get all of the grandkids sat down in one place. They sure are a crazy bunch.

While I was down there, Lauren and I took a walk down memory lane and visited the high school. One of our most favorite teachers was having an open house for his retirement. Mr. Bennion was an incredible teacher and his classroom looked exactly the same after all these years.

And of course while we were down in the Vegas heat, we had to go swimming with our favorite friends. We love the pool!

This was such a great trip and we loved spending so much time with our family. We can't wait to see them all again.