Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Project Find Joy {Days 75-80}

 I love Sunday dinners at my Grandpa Waters. He always makes the best food and we all laugh and sometimes cry and it's just the best.

 I count my self pretty lucky to have kids this cute :)

 My newest niece was born March 18th. She's tiny and perfect and beautiful and now part of an amazing family.

 Soren has the coolest first grade teacher. We headed out to a pond in Boulder City and released the baby trout that they had hatched and raised in class. It was pretty fun.

 My kids are talented.  I'm not just saying that because I'm their mom, other people notice and then they sing solos and duets for the school choir. They were rockstars that night and I love that their school started a choir group and helped my kids develop their talents even more.

It was a Frozen Friday last week and we watched with captions on so we all could sing along.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Project- Find Joy {Days 59-72}

The kids and I headed to Salt Lake City to see Ben (and a cousin's baptism) and it was so so great to be a family again and eat a meal together.

While I was up there, Ben surprised me with a night away at The Anniversary Inn. Neither of us wanted to go home especially since it was separate homes 450 miles away from each other. Ben will be coming home to pack us up for our first move to Utah, a week from today. It will mark 6 weeks away with only two days together.

Once we got back home, it was back to the grind for us and Nevada Reading Week dress up days.
Crazy sock day, of course.

 This was a quiet moment where they were all getting along. One of those moments I had to capture to prove that it does actually happen sometimes.

 They got "Tied up" in reading that day.

 I've still been pounding pavement and do about 10 miles a week. And I took this picture after I ran a whole mile without stopping. Yep, it had to be documented.


 Oh March basketball, how I do love you!

I told them to clean their room and this is what I found instead. And yes I said "Stay there while I grab my phone".

We went to Uncle Trevor's last basketball game as a Brown Bear. It was a good time and I think we only embarrassed him a little bit ;).

This kid learned how to ride a bike. And a neighbor boy taught him. And yes he's almost 8. And the next day Shelby learned too. Yep she's 9 and a half. I'm an awesome parent.

Found this note Shelby wrote for Ben. This has been some of the hardest times but I'm hopeful it will all be for our good.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Project- Find Joy {Day 49-58}

 Oh these boys, they drive me crazy and then melt my heart an hour later. 

 Ben has been working in Salt Lake and this was a picture he sent me one night. I missed him so much and continue to miss him now. Hopefully these next few weeks will fly by.

 Our picture from Moms and Muffins at the school. I'm pretty blessed to be their mom.

 I started swimming and it's pure joy every time!

 A late Saturday lunch at McDonald's with play place playing and ice cream cone eating. A much needed treat.

 Our Sunday best and a really dirty mirror. This is my real life folks!

 Oh Vegas weather. Shorts and flip flops one day and jeans and sweaters a few days later.
 17 years ago I played Jr. High basketball for Brown and was on the team that won those banners that hang in the gym. I had a good time watching my brother's team and reliving old memories.

 Soren leveled up at school and earned a prize. Instead of picking something for himself, he grabbed the tiger to give to his brother. These acts of kindness give me such hope.

 I've been channeling my inner Wonder Woman while Ben's been gone. It was a really long two weeks and the next three are not looking to be any easier. But I can do it, I'm Wonder Woman ;)