Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lucky Number Seven

We got a very unexpected, happy surprise this winter. Ben and I were just not sure if we should try for another or if our family was complete. It took us so long to get pregnant with Sam and we just didn't want to have another huge gap but felt like maybe Sam needed a buddy. We prayed and prayed and neither of us felt inspired one way or another. I had had a bit of a blood clot scare back in the early summer of last year and was taking coumadin, which is nasty stuff to get pregnant on so we were preventing the best we could. Around November my pills were running out and I was taking fewer and fewer than I was supposed to. On November 28th I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I wasn't too sad, more relieved that I didn't have to worry about my meds. But I continued to feel a little off and felt like I should take another test. So on December 9th, I took another test that was positive. All I could do was cry. I was kind of in shock and doubt about the whole thing and immediately worried about if the meds had affected the baby. We have been more than reassured in that area and just know that everything is perfect. I had a scary moment around 11 weeks with some bleeding but an ultrasound found no problems. I've had blood pressure issues that are being watched as well and I'm giving myself shots of blood thinner twice a day in my stomach. Needless to say, I'm a bit high risk and Ben and I both agree wholeheartedly, that this is our final baby. This little one will complete us and we couldn't be happier about that. I'm being closely watched by several doctors and have had many ultrasounds. The last one was on my birthday and it confirmed that we are having a...

Little Girl! We are so excited for another sister amongest all these brothers. Shelby was actually a little disappointed that it was a girl because she has discovered and grown to love her role as the only princess in the house and doesn't want to ever share a room. I think she's getting used to the idea and may actually be excited now ;). She's been my quietest baby and doesn't move very much. We are all so anxious to see what she's going to look like and get to know her and her sweet personality. Back when I was pregnant with Sam and I was really thinking and hoping he was a girl, only to find out he was a boy, Ben said something we both have not forgotten. He said something along the lines of what if there is still a girl coming but if she came before Sam we might have decided then that we were for sure done. I know for a fact that this little girl was meant to join our family as it's sweet caboose. And I know that Sam was sent to us as a much needed miracle and that our family would not be complete without either of these amazing spirits. The Lord knows what He's doing even if I don't always understand it. We are blessed beyond measure and I can't wait to hold this baby girl and be a whole and complete family of 7 in late July.

Randoms from January to March

We've had lots of random fun stuff happen over the last three months. Here's everything I can remember in one blog post.  

Shelby and Lydia did a combined science fair project on which bubblegum makes the biggest bubbles. They has a really fun time chewing 8 different kinds of gum and testing out blowing bubbles. Lydia was the expert bubble blower and Shelby typed up the research. They made a great team!

Here they are at the school for the presentation day.

In February, we got to attend and participate in the baby blessings of our newest niece and nephew who were born about 20 days apart. Jana and Mike's sweet Eliza.

And Steve and Jessica's darling Isaac. We love all these sweet babies that keep joining our family.
February brought us more snow! This winter was ridiculous. It first snowed in November and I don't think it ever melted until late February. This is a picture of our stairs, Stryder sure hated his new job of snow shoveling this year.
We also got to double with Candice and Randall and attend a BYU home Basketball game. I was a giddy happy mess. I love college basketball, like a lot and when Randall invited us to go with them I was ecstatic! We had great seats and BYU even beat St. Mary's who they had previously lost to this season. Oh it was fantastic! Blue and White Forever Baby!
Sam figured out how to walk like a champ and even likes to climb. He's my first baby to not have any fear and just start climbing up stuff, like the bunk bed ladder. Oh my crazy baby.
The first week of March brought beautiful weather and my parents up for a visit. We were able to attend the new Provo City Center Temple open house with them. It is a beautiful temple with an even more beautiful story. This was our second open house since we moved up to Utah and I hope my kids will never forget and be so grateful for these amazing opportunities. I know I sure am.
After the open house, we just spent to rest of the day with grandma and grandpa and soaked up every sweet second with them. Like this precious moment I captured. I love my mom and love seeing her with her grand babies.

Samuel's First Birthday

First birthdays are a big deal. Not just because it's the first birthday the kid has ever had but it's a celebration of having survived a whole year with a newborn/baby. We had to make a pretty big deal of Sam's first birthday because it was a pretty big deal that he was even a part of our family. So we invited everyone over and had a Teddy Bear themed party (because of course) celebrating our Samuel Teddy. 

This was before he got his cake. So nice and clean.

While he's enjoying his yummy Aunt Candice made large cupcake. Oh those blue eyes are the best.

He even rubbed some into his hair.

Before and a mild after. It got much worse after this but I was trying to control the mess and enjoy his smiles instead of taking pictures.

Then he sat with Grandma Brown to open his few presents. 

It was a Teddy Bear theme and we lucked out and found these great decorations on Amazon. We did it at brunch time and served sausage fondue, fruit, muffins, and doughnuts. We had a bear candy table for goodie bags with gummy bears, cinnabears, bit-o-honey, and teddy grahams. The kids all loved it. And by adding cashews to chocolate cupcakes we made bear claws. Ben and I just loved the way they turned out. All in all , it was a great day celebrating Samuel's first birthday.

This is the picture we displayed on the candy table. When we did his one year picture, we grabbed every stuffed bear we could find and tried to sit him down in between them. Well that didn't work out like I had planned but some of the pictures we did get are now priceless to me. I sure do love my little bear. Happy Birthday Sam!