Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Finally Springtime

The weather finally warmed up and lots has been happening around here. This post is random pictures from March to April.

We got out of the house and walked the kids to school. Sam loved the swings that morning, bedhead and all.

This handsome fellow has been such an amazing kid lately. He wants to help and works hard at home and at school. I'm kind of really enjoying this almost a teenager stage we are in with him.

This is what it looks like every time I try shopping with this kid. He hates the seat belts  and hates sitting. Most of the time he turns around to watch where we are going. It's a constant battle but I think he's pretty cute anyway.
This is Shelby with her friend who played Annie. Remember back when we were so excited for Shelby to get the part of Miss Hannigan? Well after 6 months of rehearsals and endless hours of practicing, we finally saw her play. And my Miss Shelby was a STAR! Her friend that played Annie was amazing as well and I just burst with pride for these 4th-6th graders who put on such an awesome show.
Shelby was seriously the best! She sang beautifully and acted like she was going to steal the show. We were all blown away by her performance. See the thing is, Shelby never sang any of her songs around the house. She was constantly singing other songs from the show. And I only went over lines with her a couple times. She really learned it all on her own and so we were quite surprised by the end result. I've always known she was a drama queen but now I think she's actually an actress.
We had everyone over for our annual Easter Egg hunt in the backyard. It was Sam's first time actually participating but he still didn't really get it or care about it. Stryder was the one who hunted for most of his stuff.

The Dum-Dums from Aunt Rachel however, were a hit!
Both Shelby and Soren were voted on by their teachers as being the most reliable in their classes. I think that's pretty cool and I was proud to know that my kids are doing what they're told and can be counted on and trust to get it done.
We went to Vegas for a week for our Spring Break. It was nice to get to spend so much time there and help with my mom's recovery from her DBS surgery. This is a random picture of Sam at Barnes and Noble. He's just so dang cute in those overalls.
I loved that while we were in Vegas it stormed. I love Vegas rainstorms and the beautiful sky and smells, it's my favorite.
This was my mom's spot on the couch the whole week we were there. Sam finally stole it after grandma went to bed. He was so great with them this week and followed my dad around the whole time begging him to pick him up and of course, grandma fed him candy which he loved too. It was hard seeing my mom dealing with some stuff post-surgery but she is making improvements and we are all hopeful that her quality of life will continue to improve. But through it all, my parents remain the most amazing people and I'm so grateful for their example of determination and love.