Thursday, February 27, 2014

Project- Find Joy {Days 38-48}

 Group selfie before riding Star Tours.

 Our last group selfie before our last ride. It was such an amazing trip and I'm so glad we went.

 And even though we had a horrible drive home, I was still wanting to be in Disneyland a couple days later.

 We finished the first book and now we are just over half way through the 2nd. And they get so mad when I stop and tell them it's bed time.

 This kid. So many missing socks.

They had no school on actual Valentine's day so they celebrated early. They're cute!
 Ben and I have never really been big on celebrating Valentine's Day and I'm totally cool with it. I know I'm loved and that's all that matters.

 Taking pictures is something I love and I really loved being able to take pictures for a friend's wedding out at the Las Vegas Temple.

 Shelby asked why we were wearing the same shirt and I loved Ben's response..."Because mom and I are a good team."

And of course I watched hours and hours and hours of Olympic coverage. There were so many great stories and moments but my favorite was Noelle Pikus-Pace. She does skeleton and just barely missed the podium in 2010 in Vancouver and then retired after those games. But after an 18 week miscarriage her husband suggested she get back to doing skeleton. And she won silver and was more excited about second place then some athletes I saw who won gold. Plus she wore her Young Women's medallion and torch throughout the games. Her story just really touched my heart and inspired me.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Project- Find Joy 365 {Days 27-36}

 From one of my first walks where I did 4 miles...I did 6 this last week :)

 Mouse hunting, food begging, cuddling cat. He's my favorite, sometimes.

 He's kind of obsessed with Spiderman. Shirt, jacket, toys, and yes even underwear.

 We had a family game night and it was so fun. We played boys vs. girls and surprisingly the boys won ;).

 His Friday night Halo. I kind of love it too.

 Cleanliness is my love language. This was taken after a couple hours were spent cleaning the kids' rooms and it felt so good, we need to do that again.

 Being with cousins made watching the Super Bowl a lot more fun.

 I've spent a lot of time on this trail and still love it every time. I've come to really appreciate the fact that all of my kids are in school all day and that I can take time for just me.

 Well Bumblebee was parked at the school so of course we had to be creepers and take a picture with it haha.

This kid has such a fun sense of style and I'm proud of him for wearing something like this and not worrying about what his friends say.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Disneyland 2014

We made a crazy last minute decision and surprised our kids with a trip to Disneyland. It was a magical time and so full of great moments. We spent the first day in California Adventure Park, the second day in Disneyland and the last day we hit both. There really are no words for how much Disneyland means to me and how much I love sharing these memories with my family.

 We got lucky enough to take pictures with Minnie on the day we wore out Minnie shirts.

Soren was so excited because he was tall enough this year to do the Indiana Jones Ride. I think he went on it 4 times.

 These two were the most adventurous and loved the Matterhorn and Screamin'.
 We met Merida and she even spoke in the Scottish accent. She was super cute and so nice.

 My Mr. Incredible met The Mr. Incredible.
Soren was the only kid to brave the Tower of Terror and it was probably the best set of drops I've done in a while.
My family is awesome and this was from our last ride of the last night. That's my cousin Bailey in the back row with Shelby. The kids loved Space Mountain this trip and I think we went on it like 5 times. Really great memories!

This trip I brought my big camera and carried that heavy sucker around in a backpack for three days but rarely used it. I loved having my cell phone in my pocket and being able to whip it out super quick and snap a selfie with the kids on the rides.
Top row left to right: In line for Radiator Racer, Luigi's Tire ride, Mater's Tractor pull
Center row left to right: Screamin' (which he rode 3 times), Star Tours, in line for Pirate's of the Caribean
Bottom row left to right: Teacups, Space Mountain, first time on Indiana Jones.
Life has become very crazy lately and I'm not sure when we'll be able to make another trip but it makes me extremely grateful that we splurged and made this trip happen. The kids are still talking about it and I know I'll never forget it either.