Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trains and Temple Square

Earlier this month, we made a quick trip to Salt Lake, helping Jana move.  After unloading and carrying boxes up the stairs, we headed to the trax station.  We wanted to experience a touristy fun day, so we rode the train downtown.  The kids thought it was great.

We walked everywhere from then on except when we rode the trains again.  Ben's brother Steve and his wife Jessica and their cute boys joined us on our grand adventure.

The weather was perfect for me, cloudy and overcast.  The joy we shared as we walked around the temple grounds was perfect as well.

The kids loved this experience too and we had some great discussions about the temple and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

As we left the new mall across the street from Temple Square it started to rain.  We hopped on another train that took us close to the restaurant we were meeting all the family for a late lunch at.  But the stop was still a couple blocks away and we had to walk in the rain.  That walk was probably my favorite memory of the day.  Some might have thought "oh no" but I just thought "yes! another memory we made".  The kids were laughing and smiling and pretty wet by the time we got there.  The boys gave themselves mo hawks with their wet hair.

I'm so grateful for that day and the time spent with family.  It was nice not having so many plans and being able to just enjoy the little things, like bright orange flowers.

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