Friday, September 6, 2013


We survived the first two weeks of school!  The kids are still loving their teachers but the novelty is definitely wearing off.  Homework is hard and annoying, according to them, and waking up early is for the birds, according to me.  The house is very quiet and it's still really weird being home without my little munchkins around but I have goals of finally getting things more organized and taking the time to create.  I have to admit that some days it's kind of boring around here but hopefully I can find more and more things to keep myself busy with this year.  
And here's some pictures from my phone from the last few weeks.
 We went to Fuddruckers with my family and our other family the Russells to celebrate birthdays.  I love my dad and I'm so dang lucky to have him in my life.  I hope I look as good as he and my mom do when I get to be their age.

 Trevor came to hang out with us for the weekend before school started and we took the kids to see Despicable Me 2 as a final good-bye to summer.

 Us on the first day of school proving that we all survived the day.  It was pretty hard for me that day but I'm hopeful of good things to come this year for all of us.

 This is something Stryder filled out the first day of school.  It's kind of hard to read but number 2 is the reason I took a picture of it.
2. When I grow up I want to be "A desiner at NVEnergy" because "My dad has that job and I want to be like him"
Pretty much stopped me in my tracks and made my heart burst.  Hopefully we grows up to be just like his dad.

And yeah this happened.  She's had a hard time washing it by herself and hates to comb it and will rarely let me braid it so we cut it all off.  She loves it, I have my moments.  But all that matters is that she's happy and there are no tears when it's time to brush her hair, which in turn, makes me happy. 

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