Friday, November 1, 2013

A Happy Homemade Halloween

I don't even have words to describe Halloween this year.  Life has been pretty crazy and we decided that we were going to do homemade costumes this year or just use what we already have around the house.  Little did I know that spending less than $10.00 and using lots of creativity, would turn this year into something so magical.

Stryder had plans to be a pirate, but Grandma Brown pulled out fleece to make Jedi robes for the boys and girls who grew out of their old ones about a week before Halloween and Ben got a brilliant idea.  So with his creative brain and Grandma's excellent sewing skills and ideas, Stryder became Ezio Auditore from the Assassin's Creed video game.  He was the most excited I've seen him about a costume in a long time and we were more than excited to make him another costume that he will wear for years to come.

Shelby's costume this year was my idea and luckily she thought it was hilarious and totally rocked it.  She's Hipster Snow White and she had an apple before Steve Jobs.  It made me smile all day.  Her skirt and top were crazy clearance and cost about $3.00, everything else came from our drawers and closets.  This girl is beautiful and so full of sass, not sure I'm going to like that too much in about 7 years.

Soren's always had a thing for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and when I reminded him of this shirt we inherited from Uncle Trevor, he was so happy and right away wanted to be Leonardo.  His only request was a full green head with a mask.  I whipped together a quick pair of fleece pants and a beanie and mask spending less than $7.00 on the fabric. That cute guy steals my heart everytime and he was so grateful for his costume.

 With her "Apple" ;)

I handed over my camera to Ben so that he could snap a few pictures of me and Shelby and after she was done, he kept snapping.  This is so me telling him to "Stop taking pictures of me!".  I'm sure Ben and my kids have seen that finger way too many times.

Halloween isn't really a favorite holiday of mine other than it seems to kick off the holiday season which I love.  However, my kids live for this day.  The drawers and drawers of costumes prove my point, dressing up is what they love to do.  So I in turn love to give them more things to dress up as and then take awesome pictures of them (some of my favorite pictures of them are from Halloween).   It makes me so happy to see my little munchkins so happy so I guess that makes for one Happy Halloween!

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  1. Incredibly creative! I thought Stryder looked like One of the Lord of the Rings characters (maybe next year). Love ya!