Thursday, January 24, 2013

Knob Hill

Last weekend we had an adventure.  We had been planning it and talking about it for a week before and Stryder was really unsure of the idea.
 But we loaded up and followed my brother-in-law's truck down a long dirt road out to Knob Hill.

 This smile pretty much sums up how he felt once we got out there.

 They ate a picnic lunch atop a rock and laughed at having to pee in bushes.

 Fears were overcome as mountains were climbed.  If only all of our fears could be overcome that easily and with that much joy.

 I'm so grateful for days like that, where we can enjoy each other as a family and experience something new.

Our original plans were to just do family pictures for this cute family, but then it morphed into an amazing adventurous day.  Stupidly, I didn't get any pictures of my kids on the four wheeler or dirt bike but it was AWESOME!!  Ben got to drive the four wheeler a few times and each of the kids got several rides from Uncle Justin, heck I even got a ride and it was a blast.  Thanks Lauren and Justin for a very memorable day!

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  1. I havent made a comment in a long time but I still read your blog and love it!