Monday, January 7, 2013

Starting New

The kids are back in school.  The Christmas decorations are down.  January is in full swing.
With the new year comes new primary classes for the kids.  Shelby is in Senior Primary!  Soren is my lone Junior Primary kid.  It's so weird to think of my kids being so old and how quickly the time has passed and will continue to pass til the next milestones.  The new primary theme this year is "I am a child of God" and I'm so excited to help my kids, along with their primary leaders, better understand their divine roles.  Our family goal this year is to read the Book of Mormon together and hopefully finish it.  We have made attempts several times since our kids were born but have never stuck with it long enough.  This is one goal I am determined to succeed at!
I've decided to not set a weight loss goal for myself this year.  It's too much pressure and not happy thoughts I have of myself.  Each month I'm setting little goals to accomplish in hopes to find a better me at the end of the year.  These goals include everything...physical, spiritual, social, and emotional.  All ways I can better who I am and how I am.

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  1. How is the scripture challenge going? CD and I are working on that too!