Monday, April 22, 2013

Life According to my Phone

 Back in the early part of March, we got new phones, iphones to be exact.  Well I love mine so very much and have joined the world of instagram and phone pictures.  It's so easy and convenient and I love capturing the every day moments.  So here's a rundown of our life through my phone.

1. Blooming trees at the park while spring was here for a minute.
2. Hooray for Fridays!
3. Mutual activity looking at the sky, hello moon.
4. St. Patrick's Day on our way to church.
5. The Solar System for Shelby's class.
6. Kitty loves when someone will actually play with him.
7. Little treats for my lucky charms.
8. Spiderman!
9. Nothing beats a desert sunset, I love them! 

1. My snuggle buddy.  2. Jump for joy, Spring Break is here.  3. They called themselves the plain white tees
4. Braids to match with NCAA on all the time in March.  5. Scooters.  6. Noodles arms? Nope, muscles!
7. Scooters at the park.  8. Craft time during break.  9. Park time while the weather was gorgeous!

1. Sleeping like I used to, with a foot propped up.
2. He talked to some women police officers at Subway and thought they were super cool and loved getting a junior deputy sticker.
3. Bus ride for a field trip.
4. Singing with his school choir group and totally getting into the music.
5. Legos...all over their room!
6. At the Smith's Center for a play with Shelby for her field trip.
7. Dixie got a ponytail after her bath.
8. Road trip to Utah for a baptism and blessing, so much fun!
9. Beautiful open road heading home.

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