Friday, May 17, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Last week I had to let go.  I had to step back and watch my boy grow up just a little bit more.  The fourth grade classes were given the chance to go on a day trip to Carson City.  When we first heard about it, Stryder was super excited at the thought of going on a plane (which is a big deal since he once told me is wasn't going on a mission because he was afraid of heights and refused to fly in a plane).  With the help of my mom and dad, we paid for the trip and got him all ready to go.  He was counting down the days the whole week before.  We were at the airport by 4:00 am meeting the group by 4:30.  I was so worried about getting to the airport and finding the group that I gave us plenty of time and luckily it was pretty easy.

Of course we rode on the moving sidewalk.  We found his teacher and stood around and waited for everyone else to arrive.  I was starting to get really nervous about him leaving on a plane without me and spending a whole day away.  It was about then that his friend Zach and his sister Brittney showed up.  Brittney was Stryder's group leader.  She's a young gal in college I think, that helps a ton in their class.  She had her cell phone and immediately text me her number and promised to text throughout the day.  Oh what a relief that was!  Then another mom from our ward that was going on the trip showed up and promised to text me too.  I was so extremely grateful to these ladies throughout the day as I received these pictures.

On a plane for the first time headed to Reno.  This was his group the whole trip.  They were so lucky to have so many parents volunteer that it was one on three.  Once they arrived in Reno, they loaded up into buses and headed for Virginia City.  Their next stop was a mine tour which Stryder said was cool but creepy.  Then they rode on a train.

This is a picture of the souvenir he bought.  He wanted to show us how he wasn't wasting his money.  He's a funny kid.  They walked around this town learning about it's history.

 This is from the Fourth Ward School which is 137 years old.

Then they rode buses to Carson City for tours at the state museum and state capitol.  They each received a coin with the Governor's face on it and had a fun time seeing where he works.

This was at the end of his very fun long day.  He got a window seat on the plane on the way home.  He said it was a bit bumpy but he loved everything about it.  He didn't stop talking the whole way home.  I'm so glad he had a great  time and very grateful for this growing experience, even if it was a little rough on this momma.

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