Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Cabin Trip 2013

Late into August with only a little time before school started, we packed up and headed to Ben's family's cabin.  It's been 2 years since we were there last but of course, nothing really changes.  We still eat really good with lots of junk food, play games, and stay up WAY to late.  This year was a little different for us in that we stayed an extra night after all the rest of the family went home.  It made for a little bit more work for us but it also made it super for fun for us as well.

 Kids never get to sleep in the bedrooms and all three of my kids shared one of the beds.

Then we woke up super early, before the sun, and headed to the Benches to fish.

 Each of the kids caught a fish, Shelby reeling in the biggest.

 It was a beautiful and chilly morning and I just could not get enough of these adorable faces.

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