Sunday, April 27, 2014

Project Find Joy- {Days 90-102}

Well it's been a month since we moved to Utah. We have had some really great experiences and some struggles. This first month has not been easy but I have seen my family grow and change for the better. We have been so blessed and I'm so grateful to all the family that has helped us out so much already and continue to do so. I can't wait to see where this road takes us.

This picture is from our first morning in Salt Lake. Utah welcomed us with snow and then more snow off and on for about a week. I love the weather but my poor dogs, not so much.

First day of school in Utah. They are Eagles now. When I took this picture and registered them for school, I had no idea the joy they would find in their new classes. Both of my boys are in their cousins' classes and apparently the lunches are awesome.

 Eagle Mountain is this little town west of Lehi kind of out in the middle of no where. It's so beautiful out there with several different trails that I have really enjoyed exploring.

 At the end of the first week at Eagle Valley, Shelby had a third grade performance. They sang a few songs and some of the kids talked about why they love Eagle Mountain. Did I mention that Shelby is like the same height as her teacher?!

 That first weekend in Utah, my parents drove up for their anniversary and to see us. They took us out to dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory. Saying goodbye in Henderson wasn't so hard knowing we'd see them so soon. 

 It was also General Conference weekend that weekend. Sunday morning was my favorite session and I felt like President Uchtdorf was talking right to me when he gave his talk on living a grateful life. When you live in a tiny dark basement 450 miles from home it's so important to find things to be grateful for and to live with an attitude of gratitude.

 The kids had one week of school and then it was Spring Break week. We didn't do much, which was awesome. The kids went out and played in their pajamas and I got to sleep in. 

 We did spend the day with cousins and take a walk to the park. The weather was gorgeous and the kids where happy, always a good combination.

There is this store up here that is so fun to wander around. It's called Scheel's and it's a huge sporting goods store full of stuffed animals and deer heads mounted on walls, plus an indoor ferris wheel, a huge fish tank, and a kids play place. 

Ben's brother made his wife this grow box that is 12x12. Ben and I, with the help of our kids, spent an afternoon churning and tilling the dirt and then carrying and opening 20 bags of soil and spreading it around. We all can't wait to see the vegetables grow.

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