Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hope of America

As we were planning this move to Utah, I was really concerned with how the kids would adjust and how their new school would be. Dooley set such high standards and I just wasn't sure how the new school would compare. While there are definitely things I miss about Dooley, we have all loved Eagle Valley. One such experience we had was Stryder being able to perform in the Hope of America program. He only had two and a half weeks to learn the songs but I was so grateful they let him perform with all the rest of the fifth graders. So basically, Hope of America is a big program put on at The Marriott Center at BYU. Several schools from Utah County send their fifth grade classes. Stryd's teacher has done it 5 or 6 times now. It was a pain in the butt to find parking and a huge nightmare to get out of and get home but I wouldn't trade the experience and memories for anything. 

Stryder luckily sat next to his cousin Carter. They started out in an upper yellow section but as they were setting all the kids up they had to move kids to fill in gaps. Next thing we knew, they were in red and they loved being part of the flag.

It was so amazing seeing all of these kids all singing and dancing in their seats. The whole program was about America (obviously) and they celebrated military heroes and everyday heroes like police and fire men.

I left their feeling very patriotic and extremely grateful for the timing of our move so that Stryder could participate in this. I know it's not something we will ever forget.

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