Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December Happenings

I love having my phone with me every where because I take pictures every where. That gorgeous full moon over the snow capped mountains just had to be captured. In early December, the weather cooled down and snow covered the mountains.

In the fourth grade, they put together a whole report on a Utah county and then parents come in and walk around while the kids give you a tour of the county by using their poster. Shelby had Emery county and we both learned a lot about that little piece of Utah.

When we were down in Vegas, my mom gave my a Mickey Mouse waffle maker. She has had one for years and years and years and I've always wanted one. This new one is not the same as my mom's but it's a pretty fun replacement that we have loved using.

I found this super easy peanut butter cookie recipe on Pinterest and Soren helped me make the first batch. It was so nice spending some one on one time with my baby before he's no longer the baby.

The last week of school before Winter Break was so full. We were very busy, mostly with school choir concerts. All of the kids sangs songs with their classes during the school day and then one of the nights Stryder and Shelby performed. Shelby was even part of a dance number and then sang in the choir.

Stryder was one of the only boys in the choir. Luckily, that never seemed to bother him and he even got to play the ukulele for one of the songs. I'm so proud of my boys because after the concert they were both two of the first to start helping with clean up. Now school has been out for over a week and the laziness has been much needed.

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