Thursday, January 1, 2015

A White Christmas

Christmas Eve was once again spent with Ben's family eating the traditional stuffed cabbage and mashed potatoes. We sang Christmas songs and just enjoyed being together for yet another year.

On our way home I convinced Ben to stop in Draper to see "the tree of life". It is this huge beautiful tree with about 1000 strands of lights on it. We lucked out and a spot cleared just in time for us to drive up to the curb to get a good look and some pictures. It was must warmer than parking and walking up to it. 

This Christmas was pretty stressful for us with Ben not working but we were blessed and surprised over and over again by angels watching over us. I think the kids got a pretty good Christmas despite our financial struggles.

They always make the cutest expressions as they come out and see what Santa left them and how many presents are under the tree. I love these sleepy amazed faces.

Soren made us this cute little ornament in school and it was my favorite thing I opened that morning.

And in the end I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas...happy kids and snow! We were pleasantly surprised to wake up to a white Christmas this year and have since gotten even more. There's no more snow in the forecast as of right now but we got the perfect amount to make my Christmas morning just that much better.

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