Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Meet and Greet

Living in Utah, miles and miles away from my family, has been hard. I was made hyper-aware of this after Samuel was born. I wanted all my family to meet and love on him but that's hard when we are a state away. Gratefully, my dad recovered quickly and they made a super quick trip up just to meet Sam. We felt so loved and special that they would be willing to drive up and back down in two days time just to snuggle with their littlest grandbaby. (My parents are probably going to hate me for posting these pictures but it was the first time they got to hold Sam and I'll hold these close to my heart for forever.)

But luckily we managed to make a trip down to Henderson before Sam was a month old. He got to meet my sisters and their families and my brother. Speaking of meeting my brother, I wish I had had my camera at the ready but I captured the picture mentally of my not so little brother holding and rocking Sam much like Ben used to rock him. The moment was made all the more sweeter by my dad coming over and peeking in on Sam in Trevor's arms. I could just feel the love these two amazing men have for my family now including my little Samuel and my heart about burst.

And some how we managed to get a picture of these three cuties all together. Katie's Layla was born in March, Lauren's Cheyenne was born in November and Sam was born in January. So my parents had all three of us girls have a baby in a years time. It would have been pretty cool if I had had a girl as well but my little guy will be the perfect balance to these two drama queens. I hope they are the best of friends.

One of my most favorite moments while we were in Henderson, was having my grandpa hold my Samuel. Sam is his 13th great grandchild and the first to have his name. I knew from the second I knew I was having a boy, that he was going to have either Mac or Teddy as his middle name. My grandpa's name is Teddy Mac. Mac was the early pick but once we settled on Samuel, Teddy was the perfect fit and I couldn't love his name more. I love how all my kids' names have such special family meaning. But seeing my little miracle Samuel Teddy being held by Grandpa Teddy truly was amazing.
Also while we were down south, Sam was loved on by my cousins, several ward members, and my dear friend Liz and her family. It was so special to have so many people who witnessed or were a part of our fertility struggle love on my baby. I can't wait to visit again.

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