Sunday, March 15, 2015

Meeting the Big Kids

We got home from the hospital while the older kids were still in school. Ben's mom and sister, who were up stairs, came down to visit and then Ben left to grab a few things for me. He got home just before the kids did and did a good job of capturing their emotions when they first met Samuel.

They each took turns holding him and love in the room was thick enough to touch.

This little guy went from being the youngest brother to a big brother and he was so excited.

This fertility journey was not just my journey, it was shared with Ben and the kids. We prayed together for a new baby, we were heartbroken together when I had a chemical pregnancy, we were overjoyed together when we saw the ultrasounds and we cried together when he was finally home. Those big kids of mine sure have experienced a lot with us in those years and I know it made us all so much more grateful for Sam's safe arrival. Soren even bore his testimony recently and cried tears of gratitude over finally having a little brother after so many years. It was such a tender moment.I sure am grateful for the love and help these kids provide me and their little brother.

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