Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Back to School 2015

Summer ended all too quickly and school is back in session. This year it has hit me pretty hard that my kids are really getting old. Stryder has moved on to the Jr. High and Shelby and Soren are still together at the elementary school.

Soren is a 3rd grader! His teacher is Ms Monson. He was bummed that he didn't have any of his good friends in his class but he's making new friends and seems to be enjoying third grade so far.

Shelby is in 5th grade and stuns me daily with how pretty she is. She's very tall and almost as tall as her teacher again this year. Her teacher is Mrs. Tory and Shelby is loving her class. She ran for student council vice president the second week of school but sadly didn't win. Shelby, however, was a rock star and simply moved on finding new things to do and try.

This stud is a 7th grader. He's made the jump to a new school with 8 different classes and teachers. I've been so worried about this phase but he's doing surprisingly well and just takes care of everything like a champ. He's kind of growing into an incredible kid.

These three have been super amazing kids. We have put them through so much over the last few years and I don't think they know how awesome they are and how grateful I am for their help and good attitudes. Of course, things aren't perfect but they have graciously gone through trials and challenges with their parents, moved to a new state, been so understanding when money is too tight for all the fun extras, and remind us daily how much they love us. I'm pretty blessed to call them mine.

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