Saturday, October 31, 2015

Golden Hour Halloween

I love taking pictures of my kids! I love that they love to dress up and humor my crazy ideas. Pictures in their costumes is what makes Halloween so great for me. This year we caught the golden hour before we started trick or treating. And I think the little drive and walk down the trail was totally worth it!

Of course my Samuel Teddy HAD to be a teddy bear for his first Halloween. And dang if he wasn't the cutest little bear EVER!

Sadly, there is no water around for this pretty mermaid. Her tail apron and top were handmade by me and she loved it. 

Stryder is so fun at Halloween. He's always so excited about dressing up and gets so into character. This Ewok costume is also handmade by both myself and Ben. His mask was a "deady bear" mask we found and then was totally altered into a much friendlier Ewok mask by Ben. I sewed the orange hood.

Soren loves being superheroes and this year he chose the Green Arrow. We went more with the CW show Arrow look than the comic book character one and Soren was a little bummed how few people knew who he was. But he was the best Arrow in my book! And his mask was hand painted by Ben.

Now enjoy more pictures of my awesome kids in costume because I couldn't post just one of each of them :)

 Happy Halloween from the Brown kids 2015

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