Monday, October 5, 2015

Samuel Teddy Bear~8 months

Sam celebrated 8 months on September 20th, while we were in Henderson. Yes, I brought his blanket and bear with us just so I wouldn't miss it. This crazy baby has really challenged us. He has figured out how to pull himself up to things. First it was up to his knees and then slowly but surely he was regularly standing. We all hate it when I put him in footie pajamas because he needs more saving as his feet slip and slid out from under him. He has taken several tumbles backward onto the hard tile but continues to get back up and try it again. He is steady sitting up and moves to crawl away easily. Still no teeth but I'm ok with that. And he still army crawls, no hands and knees just yet. He loves the squeeze packs of apple sauce and the kids have even been able to feed him those. This boy is seriously trouble and keeps us so busy but I don't think any of us would trade him for the world.

I love his little chubby feet and bum when he sits like this. 
This is a shot of him when he was first pulling himself up on his knees. Oh we love this little bug.

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