Saturday, April 23, 2016

Randoms from January to March

We've had lots of random fun stuff happen over the last three months. Here's everything I can remember in one blog post.  

Shelby and Lydia did a combined science fair project on which bubblegum makes the biggest bubbles. They has a really fun time chewing 8 different kinds of gum and testing out blowing bubbles. Lydia was the expert bubble blower and Shelby typed up the research. They made a great team!

Here they are at the school for the presentation day.

In February, we got to attend and participate in the baby blessings of our newest niece and nephew who were born about 20 days apart. Jana and Mike's sweet Eliza.

And Steve and Jessica's darling Isaac. We love all these sweet babies that keep joining our family.
February brought us more snow! This winter was ridiculous. It first snowed in November and I don't think it ever melted until late February. This is a picture of our stairs, Stryder sure hated his new job of snow shoveling this year.
We also got to double with Candice and Randall and attend a BYU home Basketball game. I was a giddy happy mess. I love college basketball, like a lot and when Randall invited us to go with them I was ecstatic! We had great seats and BYU even beat St. Mary's who they had previously lost to this season. Oh it was fantastic! Blue and White Forever Baby!
Sam figured out how to walk like a champ and even likes to climb. He's my first baby to not have any fear and just start climbing up stuff, like the bunk bed ladder. Oh my crazy baby.
The first week of March brought beautiful weather and my parents up for a visit. We were able to attend the new Provo City Center Temple open house with them. It is a beautiful temple with an even more beautiful story. This was our second open house since we moved up to Utah and I hope my kids will never forget and be so grateful for these amazing opportunities. I know I sure am.
After the open house, we just spent to rest of the day with grandma and grandpa and soaked up every sweet second with them. Like this precious moment I captured. I love my mom and love seeing her with her grand babies.

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