Thursday, October 27, 2016

Another First Day of School 2016-2017

Life is so busy but I have to keep updating this little blog. One day I'll be so happy I did.
After an incredibly challenging summer, that forever changed our family, the kids went back to school and life moved forward. Stryder was pretty excited to see his friends again but soon the reality of jr. high crept back in and it wasn't long before he didn't like school again haha. Shelby and Soren started 6th and 4th grade at a new elementary school because of our move. They were both pretty nervous but their new school picks a theme every year and by some tender mercy, the theme this year is Disney. Each grade has a name, like 4th grade is Frontierland and 6th is Tomorrowland. There are Disney movie quotes and posters everywhere and Mickey Mouse all over the place. Then to top it all off, on the first day of school there was a big white Cinderella pumpkin carriage parked in front of the school and all the teachers dressed up as Disney characters. The principal was Walt Disney. I mean come on! Needless to say, the kids where a lot less nervous and have really loved Mountain Trails.

My handsome 8th grader.

My cool 4th grader.

 My pretty 6th grader.

Shelby and Soren have a special relationship and really watch out for each other at school. They wait for each other before coming out to meet me after school and Shelby isn't embarrassed to say hi to her younger brother at lunch. Stryder has made lots of friends and gotten to know several kids in our neighborhood better. So far this school year has been a great one.

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