Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We Bought a House

As if our life hasn't been totally wonderful already with our healthy preemie baby, we went and built a house too. It's about 3 mins away from where we were living and just down the street from Ben's sister. This is our first house that is totally ours. We've rented and/or lived with someone for our whole marriage. And after 13 moves, I moved for the last time (or for at least a really, really long time). It's been such a blessing and we are truly so grateful for this home.

They started digging out the basement on April 7th.

We had concrete poured on April 14th.

Framing went up starting on April 26th.

More walls by April 27th.

Starting to take shape as of April 28th.

Roof went on in the rain by April 29th.

This was also taken on April 29th and yes I drove by every day and sometimes more than once a day.

Windows and doors started going in by May 6th.

Siding started going on by June 6th. We were in the hospital getting pictures sent to us by family driving by.

I think when the stone went up, it was Ben's favorite part. He was so excited to see the cobble stones and there are only 1-2 other houses in the neighborhood that did the cobble, so it makes our house stand out.

We started moving things in the night of July 15th and then officially lived there as of the 16th. It is just the most beautiful home and I know I was divinely inspired to look at this particular model and ask the right questions. We couldn't be happier with our little spot of home.

You can kind of see my awesome door color and mailbox vinyl that match. Oh life is good at 1715!

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