Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Desk: Before and After

Several months ago, I inherited a desk/hutch from my great aunt.  It was her mother's, my great grandma on my dad's side.  Ben brought it home and put it in our garage and there it sat.  I knew I wanted to repaint it and all that good stuff but our garage was a mess and time always seemed to be an issue too.  Well this past Saturday, we got up early and cleaned our garage and after 3 trips to Lowe's, we turned THIS...

 into THIS...

 Isn't it pretty?!  It just makes me smile every time I go into the garage.  We removed all the hardware, sanded her down and painted her teal.  The hutch wasn't tall enough for a computer monitor or have a place for cords to go through, so we came up with a way to raise it up.  The orange legs are the perfect finishing touch.  I can hardly wait til this weekend when we can get it in the house and all set up.  I have a few ideas for some decorative things to complete the whole look.  Until then, I'll just keep peeking in my garage for a glimpse of the teal happiness.


  1. This here is a beauty! I love that color too

  2. Nice! Every time I see this color, I think of your Grandma. What a sweet lady she is. Can't wait to visit with her again someday. I'm sure she's one of the angels watching over your little family :)