Monday, October 1, 2012

Shout Out Your Colors Wolves...Blue and White!

It was a beautiful Friday night and 2 things were shining brightly...the moon and 

my Shelby!

Every year, the Basic High School cheerleaders do a camp for the little girls and then let them cheer with them at a football game.  Shelby was ecstatic about it and could hardly wait to go.  After the practice session, she was doing cheers all over the house.  It was adorable! 

Here's the whole group of girls at the game.  It ranged from little, little girls to girls I thought were in high school already. Shelby had several friends from school and her church class, which made it all the more fun.

Here she is up on a box.  Now it's confession time...when I was in high school, I wanted to be a cheerleader.  I secretly wished I could stand on a box for all to see as I cheered for our team.  Silly I know, but I really did.  I still wanted to play basketball and always wished they would have let me cheer just for football season (that was the only time they used the boxes anyways).  So watching my Shelby get to stand up on those boxes was almost as good as doing it myself.
 She was so cute and really got into it, especially toward the end.

 The pom-pom was her favorite I think.

One of the young women in our ward is a cheerleader and when she cheered next to Shelby I had to snap a picture.

This made her a little nervous, but luckily those beautiful gals made her feel safe as they lifted her up.  She was in tears right before this shot but I'm so proud of her for doing it.

Oh my pretty girl!  I'm so grateful she had this chance to try something new and to let her mom live vicariously through her.  Go Wolves!

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  1. Go Shelby Go! You look so cute doing your cheerleader moves! I'm glad you found the courage to do the lift. It's amazing!!