Monday, December 17, 2012

Shelby's Baptism Day

Words cannot even begin to adequately describe this past weekend.  I'm going to try and write down some of my feelings and memories so I'll never forget.  Family started pouring in Thursday and Friday and we spent any free time we could together.  My family was also gathering to celebrate my sister's birthday Friday night so it was back and forth between the families.  I love big gathering at my parents' house.  It gets loud and crazy but so fun.  Saturday was baptism day for Shelby and her cousin Olivia.  In the morning, I was feeling frazzled and overwhelmed and had a bit of a short fuse.  I was just so worried about it being perfect and everything going good that I was failing to see the true importance of the day.  After some gentle and encouraging words from Ben and my sister, I collected myself and tried to get close to the Spirit.  Shelby was a little nervous about everyone staring at her and what she was supposed to do but I told her to just look at her daddy and Ben practiced with her a couple times and she became a ball of excitement.  We headed to the church building and got her in her white jumpsuit.  She told me she felt so warm, on the inside, and was so excited.  The chapel was full of family all there to support her in her awesome decision to be baptized.  Our ward was hosting so everyone that participated in the program was someone Shelby knew.  Our primary president Natalie Kephart gave the talk on baptism and the Holy Ghost and Ben's sisters Jana and Rachel along with my sister Katie sang "Come Follow Me".  It was beautiful and brought the Spirit so strongly and I'm so grateful those girls could put it together at the last minute.  Then it was time for Shelby to be baptized.  The font wasn't very full, maybe to Ben's knees and with how tall Shelby is, it was a little nerve wracking hoping she was going to go all the way under.  Ben did an awesome job and she smiled ear to ear. I was there with her towel and wrapped her up as tight as I could.  She expressed how good she felt and I was so proud of her.  While we were changing, the family was gathered and Soren bore his little testimony.  I wish I could have heard it.  He's such a sweetheart and I can't believe it will be his turn in a year and a half.  Then Ben confirmed Shelby and gave her the most wonderful blessing.  She had quite the circle of priesthood around her and I'm so grateful for those amazing men in our lives.  Once we were all done we headed off to Olivia's baptism and felt the Spirit there again.  It was such a great day and I just couldn't have pictured it any more perfect for my Shebby.  That night we gathered back at our place with Ben's family...about 39 of us and had dinner and our Christmas gift exchange.  It was crowded and loud and a little crazy but truly unbelievable to have so many together.  I hope we all remember that day always.  Sunday the kids sang in Sacrament meeting and we had another family dinner with my side.  I can't even begin to express our thankful I am for our families.  We are truly blessed beyond measure.  When I sit back and see my grandpa with his daughters and grand kids and great grand kids (just those few that were there) and my mother-in-law with her 22 grand kids that were there, I like to think that that is what heaven will be like,  family always gathered together.

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  1. I'm sure I read this when you posted this but I wanted to echo the gratitude for our amazing family. I'll never forget packing into your livingroom to exchange gifts. It was awesome :-) Shelby's baptism was so sweet and spiritual too. We're truly blessed to have these experiences here on Earth.