Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mother's Day a Month Late

May got away from me and so I'm sharing these pictures from Mother's Day in June.  

Ben made me homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  They were amazing.

I've always had this thing for glass knick-knacks.  I really love anything blue and teal.  And so when Ball jars released their vintage blue jars again, I had to get some.  My mother's day present to myself.

I love getting a picture of myself with the kids.  It's so important for them to have these pictures.  I may not always like the way I look but luckily they don't look at what's wrong, they just see me, their mom.

And that night my dad got a picture of all of us moms in the family.  I'm so blessed to have such an amazing mom who has taught me so much.  I also love that both of my sisters are moms too.  It's so fun to have that in common now.  
I love being a mom.  I don't love the pressure I put on myself to be "THAT" mom.  I'm constantly trying to remind myself to just be the mom I need to be for my kids.  And then hope and pray that's enough.  I hope and pray for a lot for my kids and I really hope above anything else, that they know how loved they are.


  1. Love it! I didn't know that Ben can make home-made cinnamon rolls! I want some! :) I DO know he's great at rubbing feet! ;) You're a great Mom, and good job at getting pics with your kids. I need to do better with that.

  2. You know I almost teared up with your statement about pictures of you with your kids. My grandma HATED her picture to be taken and she died very young (I think I was 4). We have maybe two pictures of her now. Plus my mom also strongly dislikes being in pictures. I'm so grateful you understand the importance of being in pictures because I agree, no matter how you think you look, your posterity will only see you (the awesome, talented, incredibly beautiful you).

    sorry, got a little emo with this comment...