Saturday, December 14, 2013

Family Time and Temple Time

In the middle of November, Ben and I were lucky enough to take a quick trip up to Utah.  We celebrated his mom's 60th birthday with a surprise party. I was in charge of the photo booth and it was fun! These are just a small sampling of pictures I took that night.

 Oh these boys...not sure what to do about my husband...

 This was the favorite prop of the night. But come on...Batman!

The next morning was a very special day as we headed to central Utah for Ben's sister Rachel and her husband, CD's sealing in the Manti Temple. It was our first time visiting that temple and wow is that a beautiful building! While we were waiting for our time to head in, Ben humored me and let me lead him down the hill to the cemetery. My grandpa Water's had told me that my great (times a few) grandpa was buried there and that his headstone was the largest one there. Unfortunately, I didn't know his name. But that didn't stop me, and guess what...we found him!
And yes it was the biggest FLAT headstone and made of solid marble. I was pretty excited when I found out later that it was in fact the right one.

The Manti temple only does live sessions and so that was a really awesome experience in and of itself but add on top of that the fact that so much of Ben's family was all there together, it was a truly amazing experience. I'm so incredibly grateful for sealing powers and for the knowledge that my family is forever.

 And it was really nice to have another link in our family chain connected.

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