Saturday, December 14, 2013

October Randoms

So be prepared for loads of posts over the next few days, I'm way behind and I have lots to share. Here's some randomness from October.

1. The kids slept out in a tent for the whole weekend and loved it.
2. Dooley has an after school choir class that Stryder and Shelby joined.  They love it and that was their first performance in front of the school.
3. Yes, I let him wear that outfit to school, he's a hipster.
4. Field Trip to the Smith's Center with Soren's class this time.
5. Ben helped sew quite a bit of Stryd's costume and I had to snap a pic to prove it later.
6. Helped in Soren's class for the Halloween party. It was the last costume parade too, I'm pretty sad and relieved by that.
7. Ben and I made Diamondback Snake bread sticks for the boys' classes on Halloween.
8. The park was the best place to see trees change color.
9. Soren lost his other front tooth. The best part is that it still hasn't grown in. I love that toothless smile.

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