Monday, March 3, 2014

Project- Find Joy {Day 49-58}

 Oh these boys, they drive me crazy and then melt my heart an hour later. 

 Ben has been working in Salt Lake and this was a picture he sent me one night. I missed him so much and continue to miss him now. Hopefully these next few weeks will fly by.

 Our picture from Moms and Muffins at the school. I'm pretty blessed to be their mom.

 I started swimming and it's pure joy every time!

 A late Saturday lunch at McDonald's with play place playing and ice cream cone eating. A much needed treat.

 Our Sunday best and a really dirty mirror. This is my real life folks!

 Oh Vegas weather. Shorts and flip flops one day and jeans and sweaters a few days later.
 17 years ago I played Jr. High basketball for Brown and was on the team that won those banners that hang in the gym. I had a good time watching my brother's team and reliving old memories.

 Soren leveled up at school and earned a prize. Instead of picking something for himself, he grabbed the tiger to give to his brother. These acts of kindness give me such hope.

 I've been channeling my inner Wonder Woman while Ben's been gone. It was a really long two weeks and the next three are not looking to be any easier. But I can do it, I'm Wonder Woman ;)

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