Monday, November 17, 2014

A Decade Old

This gorgeous girl is 10! I can't believe that my little chubby dark haired baby is now 10. Her birthday was spent quietly at home but she was happy to be in Utah since she has not had a birthday in Utah since the day she was born. Utah also treated her to some snow on her birthday.

This amazing girl has begun to blossom into a beautiful young woman. She still continues to excel in school and I'm grateful for her teacher who constantly tries to keep this girl challenged. She is participating in a school Christmas choir with Stryder and she's also joined an after school dance group. I'm hoping the dance group will help her with her coordination. She has grown almost 6 inches over the past year and most of that height is in her legs. They are so long and awkward these days. According to our growth chart she is now 5ft 1in and I think still growing. None of her pants fit her from last year and it's not because they are too short (even though she does have that problem with a few pairs), they are all too big. As she's stretched out, she's become quite the skinny-mini. 

Shelby is so artistic and creative and loves to play school and draw and color. She's unfortunately also become a serious drama queen and I can see the hormonal teenager coming out in her every so often. Shelby and I often butt heads and I'm easily annoyed by her little tween antics but I'm so very grateful to have her as my daughter. We are both so excited for Little Brother to get here and I'm looking forward to her being my awesome helper. Oh Shelby Rae, we sure do love you and look forward to watching you continue to grow and amaze us over the next 10 years.

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