Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween this year was very laid back and low key. No truck or treats or ward parties, just good old fashioned trick or treating around the neighborhood.

But our neighborhood is awesome!! This family has been building this pirate ship in their front yard for most of the month of October. Every day on our way to school we would get so excited when they added more on to it. Then come Halloween day it was so rad! And they served homemade donuts. And to top if off, it's a family in our ward. Some houses did some creepy decorations that my kids are not fans of but all in all they had loads of fun and got just enough candy, like it's almost gone today enough. No tempting chocolate to give me horrible heartburn.

After trick or treating, we finished our night the only way you can on Halloween, watching Hocus Pocus. It was a pretty successful night and I was just so grateful that my kids were totally fine with reusing old costumes or putting together something simple last minute. It made this pregnant momma very happy since I only spent $1.00. And Halloween pictures are my favorite to edit and have fun with.

Shelby was so adorable as Rosie but was a little bummed that no one knew who she was most of the day at school. But I think she looked awesome!

Soren was my little Wizard in an old Jedi robe and hat from I don't even know where. But he was super happy.

And Stryder wore his Assassin's Creed outfit from last year that Ben made. But he had great one in Utah had seen him wear it before so it was like a brand new costume to them. Man I love this kid!

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