Friday, June 19, 2015

School's Out For Summer!

Another school year has come and gone. This year has been a really awesome year for the kids and it was so fun seeing them learning so many new things. My kids loved their teachers (for the most part- 6th grade teachers are not as loving as 2nd grade teachers apparently) and Soren in particular was sad to leave Mrs. Hunter's class. During the last week of school, they had a graduation and awards ceremony for the 6th graders. Stryder didn't earn any extra awards for grades or such but he completed 6th grade and that is a really big accomplishment for him. And he did it with A's and B's and one C. I'm so proud of that kid for all the hard work he put in this year.

I'm pretty sure these two handsome fellas were just babies yesterday. How can they possibly be headed off to Junior High in the fall?!

And these are my favorite pictures every year. I love seeing how they changed over the course of the school year. Soren has more teeth, hair, and a tan at the end of the year. He was learning cursive at the end of the year and was getting really good at it. He's made so many friends this year and went to his first friend birthday party. I wish the picture better showed how tall he got this year. He's such a smart obedient boy that I sure do love.

This kid is too cool for school. He really developed his own sense of style this past year and has become very opinionated. He's full of sass and attitude too but I kind expect some of that with him being almost a teenager. He is quick to apologize though and still has such a tender heart. At the beginning of the school year he changed teachers hoping some of his friends from other classes would follow suit. Unfortunately that didn't happen. And then he had some problems with girls he was friends with. But by the end of the year, he had made several new friends and got invited by some boys from the neighborhood to have a marshmallow gun war. He's such a hard working, tender hearted kid.

Well if she isn't all grown up?! I can't believe her transformation this year. She's like 5'3 and all legs. She has become so goofy and makes up weird things with her friends but she's also so kind and helpful. She was a bit of a teacher's pet and finished out the year with only A's on her report card for all three semesters. She's so talented musically as well and has been writing her own music using apps she finds on her ipod. She still loves animals and has great aspirations to own and recuse wild animals one day. Oh gosh she's such a beauty.

Hooray for no schedules and sleeping in for a little while. But Boo to fights over the xbox and feeding these growing kids all day. Oh summer, I'm glad you are here.

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