Thursday, March 10, 2016

December Craziness

December was a crazy month for us. And this post doesn't even include Christmas. I felt like we were just constantly going from one thing to the next.

Shelby and Soren participated in their school's Christmas choir. They had practices after school and put on a really cute little concert for us. I feel so blessed to have such talented kids.

Stryder also had his Christmas choir concert. They sang so beautifully and really helped get us in the holiday spirit. Originally, choir was only going to be a semester for him, but he got permission to do another semester in the next choir up. He's even tried out for the next step next year. I love this kids drive to become better.
It snowed in December and never melted until February (I'm not kidding)! We just kept getting more and more snow. By January, we were all sick of it. But it didn't go away for another month.

Along with concerts and everything else, Shelby had to do a state project. She had to create a poster and float all about the state she chose. She represented my family by picking Virginia! I'm so lucky this girl is so capable of doing so much great work all by herself.

Another picture of the snow and ice built up on our door window. This was the morning we were trying to pack the car and head to Vegas for Christmas. I was pretty worried it would cause a lot of problems but after it dumped a few inches, it cleared up and we were able to drive safely south. More about that in the next post.

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