Friday, March 11, 2016

Sam's First Christmas 2015

This year for Christmas, we headed south to Henderson. We hadn't celebrated in Henderson since the Christmas of 2012, so it was long over due. 

While in town, we took Trevor and our kids to see the new Star Wars movie. So so good and Sam did ok sitting through most of it.

One nice thing about having a January baby is that they are so big by their first Christmas. Sam was so cute and fun. He was a bit of a pest with the tree and ornaments but his excitement over the lights and new toys was adorable.

This is our Christmas morning pajamas picture. We were so grateful for the wonderful gifts we all received and loved seeing everyone at breakfast that morning. Missing ebelskivers and sausage fondue is one of the worst parts of being away at Christmas. 

This sweet boy is my favorite and I had to add more of these sweet pictures in front of the tree.

And to finish it crazy family. Every year for as long as I can remember, we gather around and take a family picture after we've opened presents Christmas night. We first do a nice one and then a goofy one. I love the looks on my parents faces in this one. I love this family so much and even though it's really hard to live out of state, I know I can always count on them and know that they love me and my family.

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