Monday, August 13, 2012

God Save The Queen

Another amazing Olympic experience has come and gone.  London was an extraordinary host for the 2012 Summer Games of the 30th Olympiad.  I have spent the past 2 weeks glued to my TV at all hours laughing and crying and cheering for Team USA.  There were so many amazing stories and I wish I could remember and share them all but that would take forever, so here's a few of my favorites.
I loved the cauldron that housed the Olympic flame for the 2 weeks.  It was so neat seeing the petals all come together and being lifted up.  Of course the swimmers were some of my favorites.  I streamed in live Michael Phelps' last races and may have shed a few tears watching this amazing man wrap up his phenomenal career with 22 medals, 18 of them gold.  Missy Franklin is a ball of sunshine and another amazing swimmer.  I can't wait to see her do great things in Rio in 2016.  I, too, fell in love with the Fab5 and was so excited for them as they won gold. Oscar Pistorius, from South Africa, was an inspiration to so many as he was allowed to run in the normal Olympics with no feet.  I was blown away by his humility and heart.  There were so many track stars that have risen above horrible circumstances and gone on to compete and win medals in the Olympics.  I cheered my heart out for the Women's Soccer Team.  So great!  I loved every header goal and come from behind win.  Those women are awesome.  Speaking of the women of the Olympic games, the US women earned 29 of the 46 golds!  They kicked butt!  I was so excited for David Boudia to beat the Chinese and win gold in 10m platform diving.  Beach Volleyball was a thrill as 2 American teams went head to head for the gold medal match.  Of course, Misty and Kerri threepeat but it was a great game.  It was so rewarding watching some countries earn there first medal ever in an Olympic game or certain event.  So many athletes are religious and hearing them praise God for their wins was really cool too.  But I think my favorite moments, were watching the athletes crying while listening to our National Anthem play from atop the podium and seeing their parents.  Those parents were so proud and humble and I just loved watching them cry and cheer with and for their kids.  Oh I can hardly wait for the next Olympic games in 2014.

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