Friday, August 31, 2012

My Cousin the Missionary

This week, my cousin Zack left Henderson.  He doesn't plan on coming home for 2 years and his family is so proud of him.  He is currently in the MTC in Provo, Utah and after that will be off to the Philippines, serving his Lord and doing His work.  I am so proud of his decision to serve and so very grateful for his righteous example to my kids.  They just adore Zack and I know he is going to be severely missed at Sunday dinners but it'll be so awesome and the blessings will be great for his service.

These are some of the pictures I took for him before he left.  My family moved to Henderson months before he was born and lived with his family.  I loved on him as a baby every chance I got.  I still remember one morning before school where I had been holding him and he spit up ALL over me and I had to hurry and change so I wasn't late.  Our families have always been pretty close and I've seen this kid grow and somewhat mature over the years and I'm just so excited for him.  He gave an amazing farewell talk in his ward and I was so impressed by his unshakable foundation and testimony.  He is going to be a very hardworking and inspirational missionary.  I hope one day to see my boys shine like Zack did that day.

The Monday before he left, he was set apart and the family gathered together one last time.  His mom made for us our traditional Christmas morning breakfast since Zack would be missing a couple.  We had the kids take pictures with Zack and I'm looking forward to comparing the ones we take when he gets home to see how much they've all grown, including Zack.

Return with honor, Elder Gainey!

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