Wednesday, October 15, 2014

First Day of School 2014-2015

The first day of school was crazy and rainy. But it was so nice to drive 2 minutes to school instead of 45 like I was doing at the end of last year. And it was so fun to still have cousins to go to school with. No one is in the same class this year but they see each other at lunch and recess and play all the time after school.

 They look a little sleepy but they were so excited to start school.

Every year I love taking pictures on the first day of school and comparing them to the last day. I am really grateful that our school still has 6th grade in the elementary school instead of the Jr. High. I feel like he's still so little for a great big Jr. High School but he's so jealous of all the friends he's talked to that have lockers now. So far, school is going great and they each like their teachers and continue to make friends. There's not much more this momma could ask for.

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