Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Soren's Baptism Day

Well since June things have been pretty crazy around here. I spent a lot of my time not feeling good and really tired, sleeping as often as I could. Luckily by August, I was feeling much better and it was such a relief since our lives upturned a little bit. Toward the end of July we moved into our more permanent home here in Eagle Mountain. It was still quite dusty and a bit of a construction zone (and it still is actually) but it has so much more space than we had at Ben's brother's house. Also we wanted to baptize Soren in our ward that we would be living in for a longer time. It was a bit crazy getting everything ready but we managed to pull it all off and Soren had a great baptism day.
I snapped this picture while we waited for more family to arrive and I'm so glad I captured this special moment with just me and my Sor.

My handsome boys all in white. I'm so grateful Ben is such a worthy priesthood holder and has been able to bless and baptize all of our kids. It was such a great program with Grandpa Day giving the talk on baptism and Grandma Brown giving a talk on the Holy Ghost. Shelby and Stryder sang the primary song "Baptism" and the Spirit so just so strong the entire time. I think Soren could really feel it too.

Boy I sure do have a pretty amazing family! I'm so grateful for all the extended family that came out and supported us that day.
I still can't believe my little Snore is 8. He is such a good boy and is so dang loving. He loves his momma most of all ;). And I can't wait to see him take on the role of "Big Brother".

And I had to include this picture because it was one they took at school and I just loved it!

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