Friday, October 24, 2014

Their First Lagoon Trip

In September, Ben's work had a Lagoon Day. We got free tickets into the park and they provided a big lunch with a kid's raffle for prizes. It was such a fun day. We got there before the park opened and they rode 12 rides before lunch. This was Shelby and Soren's first time there and Stryder hadn't been since he was one so needless to say it was a whole new experince for them all. Stryder was not a fan of roller coasters until he went on the Bombora and then he at least tried several more coasters. Shelby was my little dare devil this trip and rode on more than the boys did. Ben has decided that his body can't handle all the spinning and flipping and constant motion of all the rides at Lagoon anymore. But that was just fine with the kids, they loved being able to go off on their own and ride the rides without an adult. Ben and I weren't too sure of it at first but we would just find a seat near the exit and the kids always found us. It was actually pretty awesome but still a little sad to see our kids so grown up. Hopefully next year's trip to Lagoon, I will be able to ride some rides ;)

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