Monday, October 20, 2014

Random Randomness

Here's a few pictures I wanted to share. 
The first is of my dog and cat checking out the neighbor cat who keeps hanging around. Out that window is where our door is now.

In August, I took Shelby up to Park City to see Bridgit Mendler perform a little concert. It was so fun doing something just the two of us.
While Shelby and I were at the concert, Ben and his brother were fixing his truck. We joked that Ben's truck was a transformer as he completely removed the bed to fix the fuel pump. I was so proud of him getting it all fixed without professional help.

We were walking to school one day and these cute boys happened to both be wearing white shirts and jeans. They are just such studs, I really kind of love my boys!

And speaking of my boys, I love how much Ben has been teaching them. They had so much fun helping Ben change the oil in his truck.

This is the before of my kitchen. The white lines on the walls are where Ben and Randall had to cut out the drywall for the electrician to rewire everything so we could have outlets and appliances.

 During... lower cabinets and counter tops but no sink or oven yet.

After...All the cabinets installed, sink in, and appliances all up and running. I'm kind of in love with it. We still have quite a bit of work to do down here in our little basement apartment but I can see it all coming together and it makes me so excited.

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