Monday, April 27, 2015

Samuel Teddy Bear~3 months

Sam is three months old! And I swear these pictures were taken at the same time, he just looks chubbier with his legs pulled up and a straight face. He likes to have his legs curled up and has become quite the kicker and wiggle worm when laying down. Sam also loves to suck and chew on his fist, in particular his first knuckle and thumb. I think it would actually be kind of cute if he became a thumb sucker. He loves to smile especially in the morning and when getting his diaper changed. He loves being naked. Lately he has found his voice and will tell anyone who listens all sorts of stories. The kids love when he "talks" to them.

This face just kills me every time and I pretty much kiss it all day long. But come could I not?!?!

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