Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

Halloween is always a crazy time of the year. So many parties and activities to attend and it's not getting any easier as the kids get older. Their choice of costumes were super easy this year though. We had them bought back in September even. That's what happens when your costume can be pajamas.

This awesome onesie was given to us by Aunt Laura when Star was still in the NICU. Wonder Woman is perfect for my little super hero. She wore this for our family party the week before Halloween. Sam wore the old Buzz Lightyear costume that both of my other boys wore but I didn't get a single picture of him in it that night.

Here is a rear view picture of the big kids. They cracked me up all night in these.

This was our ward trunk or treat the Saturday before Halloween. It wasn't as big as the tri-ward ones down in Henderson but it was an easy fun night to get out and get some candy. As you can see Sam is not in costume. He had a huge tantrum/meltdown as we were trying to get him dressed to go and refused to wear anything and everything we tried. So he went as a grumpy two year old and let's be honest, that can be scarier than ghosts and skeletons. Stryder is Charmander and he even wore it to school on Halloween and loved all the attention and jokes made about catching him on the Pok√©mon go app. Shelby was a beautiful unicorn and Soren was a super soft and cuddly Stitch. He spoke in a funny alien voice all night. And my little Starlynn went dressed a little bit warmer as a princess. 
Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?! I seriously could gobble her up!

This was from Halloween night. Shelby's friend and her sister came and grabbed Shelby and Soren and Stryder for a block or so and went and did door to door trick or treating. It was so nice to send them out on their own while I stayed in with the babies and passed out candy with Ben. Overall it was a pretty fun holiday week bit I'm always so relieved when it's all over.

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