Friday, November 18, 2016

My Forever Family

I love taking pictures. I don't really like having my own picture taken though. But I do want my kids to be able to have pictures of me after I'm gone. And I want pictures of my family on the walls of my home so they will know how important and loved they are. So I loaded all of us up and drove up the canyon and took family pictures and luckily they all humor my crazy ideas and go along with it, with smiles on their faces. All of these pictures were taken by me, Ben, Stryder, or a tri-pod and remote. And they perfectly capture and reflect my wonderful perfectly imperfect family.

I love this man of mine so much!

Check those baby blues!

Samuel 20 months old.

Soren 10 years old.

Starylnn 4 months old. My Aunt Joan sent us this onesie and I knew I just had to take her picture in it to have on my wall for a few months. It's become her motto.

Stryder 13 years old.

These three have a special bond that I think will last forever.

My whole world in one picture!

I hope Shelby comes to truly appreciate having a sister and that even with the big age gap they become the best of friends.

Shelby 11 years old (almost 12).

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