Friday, November 18, 2016

She's Totally Twelve!

On November 15th Shelby turned 12! She has been such a trooper lately and has sacrificed so much, that I felt like a little friend party was in order. So we watched High School Musical and listened to 5 Seconds of Summer Pandora station. She was spoiled and felt loved. It was a good day!

This girl cracks me up. She has recently gotten into punk rock music, specifically bands from the 90's that her dad loves like Green Day. She can often be found with headphones on listening to music of some sort. She loves to sing and dance around the house and is totally nerdy. She read all the Twilight books and is obsessed with werewolves and is 100% Team Jacob. She helps around the house like a boss and keeps her room spotless 95% of the time. Pickles and salad are still her favorite foods and she can eat the boys under the table. She figured out how to put her hair up into a messy bun and wears her hair up like that all the time now. She's a straight A student and does hours of homework and extra credit because it's fun. She's taller than all of her friends and most of her aunts but was super happy when she only grew half an inch over the last 6 months instead of 1 inch like the 6 months before that or the 7 inches a couple years before that. Her and Stryder are getting along again and silly laughter and music fill the house and my heart about bursts when they tell each other "I love you" and "good night".  

Turning 12 means she can shave her legs and wear makeup and she has been giddy happy about it. It also means she is a beehive now. Ben and I are having a seriously hard time coming to terms and accepting the fact that our little Shebbers is 12 but I'm really excited for her to start this next part of her life and see her experience all that Young Women's and soon Jr, High has to offer. I love this girl so much and time needs to slow down for a few years.

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